Vesta professional gouache range contains 31 colours and is used by designers, illustrators, calligraphers and professional artists. This brilliant product is formulated and manufactured using the purest pigments and highest quality gum and moisturizers to facilitate the smooth movement of the colour on different surfaces. The strength of our exceptional gouache colour range creates a consistent and final surface, which compared to similar ordinary products, provides the artist with a unique ability to create his or her work of art.

Gouache 30ml.

Our professional gouache range consists of 31 colours.

Gouache is offered in single-colour sets of 6 Bottle.

Gouache sets of 6 colours include 6 colours:  487 Viridian – 510 Permanent Yellow Pale- 530 Poster Black – 536 Poster White – 547Cadmium Red- 668 Ultramarine Deep